Sunday, February 13, 2005


Happy to announce that I dug up Robert from the back of the fridge, and managed to revive him. Just in case you wonder about me now, I'll tell you that Robert is my sourdough starter. He has lived with us for a few years now, and I still haven't been able to kill him, although I have tried at times. This time, he had been ignored since before Sylvia's birth, and I had been kind of avoiding the whole issue by just not looking at his container, figuring that there might be too many gross science experiments growing in there.

But lo and behold, he was totally fine, if a bit sluggish. I used him for sourdough pancakes, and they came out perfectly. He is at my counter now, with fresh flour and water, ready to make sourdough bread soon.

I was very organized today, and even made barley stew in the crockpot before we went to hide a cache. Yes, I feel that I am starting to get my life under control again. At least certain aspects of it.

Last night we had nine kids, tonight we have only four. Amazing how the number of kids keeps fluctuating. The house is amazingly quiet, although that could also be because all those kids are asleep :-)

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