Friday, January 03, 2014

Snow Day One and Two and ...

When we came back from Cape Cod (you know, moderate temperatures, beach, ferries, light houses, geocaches, fun) we considered going down South to Florida instead of up North. I mean, we could just say we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.


Sylvia disagreed and was like "But I want to go home!" so we decided to go home after all. Where we were greeted by twenty centimeters of snow and frigid temps. We were not amused.


Even less so when yesterday hit with a HUGE snow storm. School got cancelled and it was cold and snowy and miserable. So grateful we have a fire place and tons of woods, so we snuggled up indoors and waited out the storm. We even made more cheese fondue since that seems a perfect cold weather meal.


Usually those storms are over the next day, but in this case we got another school phone call this morning. "Due to weather conditions, school is canceled today."


Geez, can winter be over yet?


By now the sun is out and the roads are being plowed and I am baking bread so we can visit some friends. Now if only the town plow hadn't pushed over our mailbox and then blamed us for it...

And did I mention there is another storm on its way?
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