Saturday, January 04, 2014



Nantucket was awesome. I never realized that they used to be the whaling capital of the world.


Learned many interesting whaling facts in the museum.


Including the fact that Erik would be the perfect way to join a whaling expedition and be the resident greenhorn.


Which would include climbing into the dead whale's head and scraping out all the oil.


We now know what a Nantucket sleigh ride is, when they harpoon a whale and go for a wild ride following it...


Making sure they have a hatchet ready in case the whale decides to dive down.


After the museum we explored the island for a bit.


Interesting stores, cobblestones, and Sylvia seems to be a popular last name around there, to the utter delight of our Sylvia.


She relished in drinking Nantucket lemonade right here on the island.


One of our favorite stores :D
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Elaine said...

What is the wood/glass cylinder shaped
thing by the stars?

Nanny Ogg said...

Hi Elaine!

That is actually the light of a light house, one that used to be powered by whale oil. This was in one of the light houses on the island and was replaced by an electric light. It is some special type of lens.