Monday, January 23, 2012

Vacation is Over!

So we had taken the house off for the winter with the plan to put it back on in the spring. I was tremendously enjoying not having the 'house has to be perfecct at all times!' stress, but on the other hand, the house was backsliding into more clutter and less 'put stuff away IMMEDIATELY'.

Until my realtor gave me a call 'There is lots of activity, what would you think about putting it on the market again?' Well, what else could I say but 'Sure, let's do it!' mostly backed by enthusiasm, but also a slight 'Do I REALLY have to do this again NOW already? Can't we wait till next month, year, decade?'


Over the next few days I'll be getting the house ready and it will be back on the market. Not sure who would want to buy this house in the winter (driveway from H&*&*&*), but I am willing to try, if only because no one will buy it for sure unless it's listed.

Send more house selling vibes! I'll share them with whoever else is selling their house (Hallo flowtops ^^)
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