Thursday, December 01, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Eh

On Thankgiving Day we woke up to snow. It was only a few inches in Montreal, but they got a lot more at home, so I am happy we decided to go on vacation and that we beat the snow storm. Our hotel window was a favorite with the local doves, it was cool to see yet another bird joining us for company.


Since we didn't quite bring any turkeys from the US (we figured it would be too hard to smuggle it across the border) we decided to have an unconventional Thanksgiving by ordering room service for breakfast. (Erik's idea after watching too many Home Alone movies :p)


I am all in favor of eating chocolate croissants and drink freshly squeezed orange juice for Thanksgivings breakfast. Especially if someone else prepares it.


We had a nice leisurely breakfast and then we walked through the underground city to the metro. This whole underground concept isn't so bad at all. Especially on snowy days like this one.

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