Monday, September 26, 2011

Mushrooms Mushrooms EVERYWHERE!

This fall I seem to see mushrooms everywhere, even at places where I usually don't.
These small round ones are on Sylvia's maple tree in my front yard, of all places.


Jane saw this picture and said 'Oh, a pancake with maple syrup!' She looked at me with an unbelieving face when I told her 'Nope, it's a mushroom!' Like, yeah right, I can easily see it really is a pancake with maple syrup.


She did believe me when I zoomed out more and was amazed. So was I when I found this mushroom with weird oozing fungi on top while I was heeding the call of nature. At least I had something interesting to look at.




The last few pictures are all from yesterday's caching trip. I love how many different types of mushrooms and lichen there are. Some day, in my spare time, I will study them.


For now I will just photograph and enjoy them. If anyone recognizes any of these, I would love you to tell me the name. Thanks!


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