Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally Geocaching Again!

This past summer has been so busy, between kids activities and house selling, that we didn't get to go geocaching at all. We didn't go hiking much either. Or did many extra activities. We did clean the house a lot though.


Selling a house really feels like a full time task. Every time anybody puts anything out of place, I have to fix it now, or be stuck with picking up 835 things hours before the next showing.


The days that we didn't have showings it is easy to just relax and not go anywhere, but we did miss our hikes and our geocaching.


Yesterday finnally we got to go geocaching again! It was a nearby cache, so we didn't have to drive far, which is always a nice bonus. The kids were full of energy which did lag a bit once we starting climbing that hill.


And up and up and up we went. We had a few requests for 'Can we take a rest' and I happily agreed to it, so we could sit and chat and pretend we didn't have to climb even more.


This hill is a popular sledding hill in the winter.


The view at the top is amazing, I love looking over the lake like this!

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