Friday, May 20, 2011

Root Beer Float

On Mother's Day our local ice cream parlor opened for the season. It is the most popular place in town.


Erik's favorite always is a rootbeer float , but this time Sylvia also decided that she wanted one.


It took her quite a while to eat, but she enjoyed every bite.


Kate took these pictures.






Here is to a long and hot summer with many visits to the icecream parlor!


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Heidy said...

Pray tell me, this dutch woman, what a rootbeer float is??? :-) It sounds real good...but I only know it from books and films and I have no idea. I always envisaged it as being a floating ball of icecream in a flat dish with rootbeer. But now it's in a cup...could still be that I am right...

NannyOgg said...

Hi Heidy,

Before I moved here, I had no idea either. Around here, they always seem to be served in tall drinking glasses (or styrofoam cups in Sylvia's case). The glass is filled with rootbeer and there is icecream (quite a lot) floating in the rootbeer. Usually it comes with a straw, so you can first drink the rootbeer and then the leftover icecream/ rootbeer mix.

I have had them once or twice, they are not bad, but a bit too sweet for my taste.