Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rainy Day

This morning I got all my kids to a variety of birthday parties and then it was time to go geocaching. Only it was dark and rainy and yucky and I was sure it was going to rain all day and how could we have fun in the rain and maybe I could talk flyingfisher into not going geocaching after all even if we hadn't really been out all winter.


I called her and was all ready to unanimously decide not to go geocaching and instead do exciting things like laundry and dishes and cleaning up the house. Since we all know that that is way more fun than caching.


Gah, she sounded like she actually WANTED to go caching still! I hummed and hawed, she was all upbeat.
Me 'Did you check the weather forecast?'
flyingfisher 'Nah, that's always wrong anyway.'
Me 'It might rain!'
flyingfisher 'That's ok, I have rain coats and umbrellas and it will be just fine.'
Me 'but...'
flyingfisher 'I'll be over in 20 minutes.'

Oh, ok...


I hung up the phone and it started raining! Ah, now she would be convinced. Heck, it didn't just rain, it POURED! The heavens opened and released tons of water on our heads. No way we could go geocaching in that! I patiently waited for her phone call to cancel.


Well... No phone call, but she showed up anyway and we went out caching. On the way there, not only did it stop raining but the SUN came out!


It didn't take long before I realized that I was having a wonderful time and I don't know why I didn't want to go caching in the first place. I loved being outside, and I realized I should have brought binoculars since there were some birds I couldn't really make out that well. Hmmm, maybe a birding book would have been good too.


We only had one DNF (Did Not Find) which turned out to be missing, so it wasn't because we are lousy cachers.


We were out the whole afternoon and early night and found thirteen caches. Did I mention that going out caching was the perfect thing to do today and who cares about a clean house anyway?

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