Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all mothers out there.


I had an excellent mother's day. All the kids helped me clean up a few rooms, some kids made me cards, Dawn made me lunch and life was good. Our local ice cream place opens on Mother's Day, so I took the kids there and Jane and Sylvia actually paid for the ice cream this time. Wow!


Jane and Sylvia had made me sugar cookies, with hearts and love and 'mom' written on them, very cute. Dawn went out in our yard and got me flowers which are greatly uplifting to see around the house, especially in the clean dining room and kitchen.


I did tons of dishes while the kids cleaned and found more dishes. After all the morning / early afternoon work, it was time to take Kate to her Big Sister at Dartmouth. This meant that I had a few hours ALL BY MYSELF while they hung out together, how wonderful.


When she returned, we got some flowers for a friend and went to visit her for a bit before returning home. Where Dawn had dinner ready (home made macaroni and cheese with yummy veggies!) so I didn't even have to figure out what I would make for dinner.


I feel very blessed. What a wonderful day it was!
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