Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Roadside Caching


Even although most caches get us out in the woods and at beautiful ponds, there also are some roadside caches like this one. You stop at a rest area, get out of the car and find the cache. Not as exciting, but the kids still love to find these because there could be exciting trading items.


Like new flipflops. Or at least one of them. Or maybe it was a key chain, but she tried to fit it on her foot anyway.


The most frustrating are the ones where you get out, look for half an hour, can't find the darned cache, go home and later read everyone's cache log 'Easy hide!' 'Nice and quick find.'. Luckily that would never happen to us. Cough. Cough. But it often does happen to a friend of a friend. You know, some one who isn't very good at geocaching.
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