Friday, October 29, 2010

Dining Room Chairs

Last year, I got ourselves a beautiful dining room table. It has been wonderful to have this table and it has seen so many wonderful meals and good company.


It came with six chairs which were not in the best condition but good enough for then. The cats definitely did approve of the chairs. In the back of my mind I always had this little thought that I could re-upholster them. Some day. Next week maybe. Or next month. Oh, I have an opening in my agenda for 2014. Maybe.


Finally the big day arrived. A friend came over and we got started on learning how to reupholster chairs. The first one took us one hour and 45 minutes. Half an hour of which might or might not have been trying to figure out how to load the darned staple gun.


The second one took only an hour. I love the result.


Four more to go. I have some other chairs I might do now that I know it is 'ridiculously easy' as a friend said. That particular friend clearly had no idea how hard it could be to load a staple gun, or not reupholster OVER the holes that the screws later have to go in...
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flyingfisher said...

ahem. you are supposed to invite the expert friend over. She might already know how to load the staple gun? and know things like not covering up the holes.
Hopefully the rest will go faster.

cute that darkness finds the stuffing comfortable.

flyingfisher said...

Looks great! Colors worked out well. :-)