Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday Catch Up II: AN ADULT!

My very first adult son! I look at him and marvel. He has turned into quite a wonderful young man.


I love how caring he is towards his siblings.
I enjoy watching him Very Focused on computer games.
When he isn't playing computer games, his nose is in a book. At all times. Even while walking down the street...


He is smart and fun, and I feel blessed to have him as a son.


Happy 18th birthday, Cees!

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Annelies said...

Gefeliciteerd met jouw Cees. het viel me opeens op hoe een typisch "Hollands" hoofd hij heeft ;-)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Cees! Mine won't be 18 for 2 more months. That doesn't seem very far.

Kathy said...

Oh Happy Belated Birthday. That's such a big milestone for mom and son. I hope he had a great day!!!