Friday, January 27, 2006

Winter Fun

Nobody felt like being indoors for today's homeschool club, so we decided to go sledding and skating. Much fun was had by all, and half of the kids were whining when it was time to leave 'We don't want to leave yet!! When can we go skating again?
  • One missing scarf;
  • Two pairs of our own skates out of the at least seven pairs we own. One day I will clean out the basement, I swear;
  • Three pairs of skates rented to make up for the ones lost in our black hole basement;
  • Four girls skating on the ice, falling, and giggling;
  • Five sleds zooming down the big hills;
  • Six tired kids, who will go to sleep early tonight (I can hope, right?)
  • Seven hot chocolates to warm up after skating and sledding;
  • Eight friends joining us;
  • Nine wet snow clothes/ pants on the hallway floor;
  • Ten minutes of driving around to actually find the location where we had the winterfun.
The kids keep asking me whether I am sure whether our own pond can't be used for skating??? (It's about eight square feet if that big.)

Now Cees is over at a friend's house, and we have one of the girls friends over. We call it The Kids Shuffle, it always happens after homeschool club.

Yes, fun day, even if there were quite some stressful moments for mommy. It's amazing how good Sylvia is at pouring hot chocolate down her clothes...


Jody said...

Oh! She is precious!

Sounds like a fun day had by all!

mabear said...

Oh isn't she deer. LOL

Kathy said...

She is so adorable. I can't believe how big she is getting:-) Glad everyone had fun!!!