Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Wish You Never Even Had Been a SPERM!!!!

This was after 'I wish you never even had been born' and 'I wish I had a nicer mama' turned out not to be powerful enough... Kate was very upset with me, I don't even remember over what, but she wishes I never even had been a sperm!

Today was Erik's birthday. We picked up his cake at the grocery store (yes, I know, some people do actually bake cakes at home) where he had one of his 'going limp and lifeless looking on the floor' temper tantrums. People kept coming over to me to ask whether he was ok. Sometimes I think the loud temper tantrums would be easier for people to understand :p

And why is it that the moment we need to leave the house, every one either has to eat, has lost their books, or discovers that all their snow gear is still soaking wet from yesterday's sledding... ?

1 comment:

Jody said...

Happy b-day Erik! Pictures??

LOL on the sperm insult.