Monday, April 25, 2005

Busy Day

Wow, what a whirlwind day this was. Started out by doing twenty go problems before even getting out of bed :-) Then the normal morning rush, breakfast, two loads of laundry, starting bread, dishwasher, and such. While doing that, I looked at my kitchen, and decided to make it my project for the day. It was in desperate need of a cleaning. Then I looked at the floor, and decided to offer an incentive to make those the kids project for the day.

We all got started on our stuff, I was going to reward myself after doing part of the kitchen, by playing some go. But the kids weren't ready yet with their things, and I thought I shouldn't sit down at the computer while they were busy working still. So I kept going, and going. And going, and going, and going. Till suddenly, the kitchen was clean! What a miracle! Not only that, but the kids were about ready with the floors, so I could run a vacuum over them and they looked great.

Now I was going to reward myself with go, but who calls, but one of my geocaching friends. She didn't have much trouble convincing me that it would be way more fun to go out geocaching with them. She was right :-) Was still in the middle of making bread, so just shaped it and put it in the basement to slowly rise.

Off we went to go caching! Nice hike into the woods, a bit muddy. We saw mallards, and very recent beaver activity. It was so nice to be out in the sunny spring weather. Sylvia loved watching the water in the river next to it, she kept making the 'water' sign.

Did another cache, and then suddenly realized how late it was, so we hightailed it back home. My friend was driving the van, so I could be in the back with Sylvia. She misjudged something on our driveway, and managed to get the van stuck in the mud next to it. Really stuck...

We tried cardboard, didn't work. We tried bricks, didn't work. We tried sand, didn't work. We tried about 5,000 other things, nothing worked. So eventually called AAA and had a tow truck show up at 10pm on Sunday night... They did manage to get it out, phew. What an excitement, more than we really needed.

Got the kids to bed, and then suddenly realized that I never baked that bread. Walked into the basement, having visions of the bread dough haven risen so much that it would be crawling up the stairs. Luckily, it wasn't that bad, just a bit overrisen, but it's fine! Finally finished baking it at 1:30am or so :-)

So a nice productive day, with a bit too much excitement in the end. Oh, and the electrical system on Sander's van seems to have died, looks like there will be yet another nice big car repair bill...

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