Friday, May 06, 2005

Gardening, Geocaching, and Go!

Those three words are a pretty good summary of what has been going on around here. It has been raining a lot, but on the sunny days, I am always outside. I have moved tons of cow manure, planted a few rose bushes, and done all kinds of other stuff around the yard. Bulbs all have sprouted, we have crocuses, daffodills, tulips, and more. I just love spring!

In between all this, we have been able to do some caches, including some in the White Mountains. That day was just perfect. The cache was at some beautiful falls, I love standing there, hearing the water rush down, seeing the rainbow, enjoying the solitude. I thought it was a nice day already, but it got even better when we saw FIVE moose on the way back down from the mountain. Yes, five! Never had seen a moose in the wild before, so this was quite a treat. We also saw a turkey, which wasn't as spectacular, but still fun.

On the way back, we saw so many amazing sights, and a magnificent sun pillar. Such a wonderful day!

Go is going well. I am progressing, slowly but steadily. Last weekend, I played in a tournament, and I am an AGA 11k now. I am getting closer to shodan, only 11 stones to go :-) I spend a lot of time studying and playing, and once in a while I even make a good move :-)

A few days ago, we were looking at old photo albums, including ones where we only had Cees. Erik clearly started thinking about the sequence of one kid, two kids, ... etc, up to seven kids, and then extrapolated it in the other direction. He was convinced that I must have been living on my own, before his dad came to live with us. He pondered that for a bit, and then came with the question that was haunting him about this 'Mama? When you lived all alone in this house, how did you have sex??????'


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