Friday, April 22, 2005


Spring is finally here! That's one thing about living in New England. The winter is too long and bitterly cold, but the spring just is so magnificent. Bird songs every where. Robins hopping around on our lawn. Hiking for hours and hours. The first cockroaches, I mean crocuses blooming in the front yard. Forsythia blooming every where. The first frog in our pond. The wonderful sounds of peepers at the beaver pond. Start of gardening season. Yes, I love it.

Yesterday, we went hiking for a few hours. The trails still are a bit muddy (spring is also called mud season around here), but we still had a great time. Erik wanted to know whether the hike was going to be freaky. 'Ummmm, no, it won't.' I was a bit puzzled. That is, till he went on with 'So it isn't Freaky Gorge?' LOL! That explains it. Our caching was at Quechee Gorge, so he must have misheard that :-)

Saw a wonderful rainbow today, just in the middle of the day, no rain to be seen everywhere. It was straight up, just sitting there, such an amazing sight. Another amazing sight yesterday, was seeing an air plane being refueled in the sky over our house. I had never seen that before. Heck, I hadn't even thought about the possibility of in flight refueling. It looked like a big air plane was pushing a little air plane. The little air plane was doing the fueling.

Today was clean up day with our homeschool group. We picked up all the litter around the church that we use for our support meetings. It was mind boggling how much litter there was to be found!

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