Thursday, March 20, 2014

Traveling Light

This European trip I decided that I was going to travel light, not have any checked luggage and really cut back on the number of things I carried with me. This totally fits into my decluttering and simplifying quest so I was excited for the challenge.

I managed to put three weeks of travel gear into this small backpack, so did pretty well there. Never felt I missed much (well, apart from nail clippers, but luckily my boy friend traveled less light than I did). I ended up not even using all that I brought, leaving some of it at my mom's for donation to her local thrift store. So could have traveled even lighter!

So why did I have to dump stuff at my mom's, you ask? Well, a visit to the Netherlands means we had to buy and bring home tons of Dutch delicacies. And I knew that this all wouldn't fit into my backpack, so I asked my mom whether she had a bag I could use. And I might have filled up some space in Tom's suit case too...

Not to mention that I found good licorice in Iceland, so that had to be added to the mix too!

Anyway, traveling light worked wonderfully up until then. I have to admit that all this candy sure can't count as traveling light, but it did delight the kids.

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