Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sun Rise at Cape Cod

We went for a few days to Cape Cod. Stayed right next to the beach, so every morning we would get up and walk 30 seconds to the beach to witness the sun rise.


Our room was awesome, a jacuzzi / hot tub thingy right in the room. You know, since we all want a jacuzzi in the kitchen, to improve the access to good wine while relaxing.


We loved being so close to the ocean.


One night there was a big wind storm and we walked on the beach while the wind was whipping around us and the waves came up upon the road. That night there was almost no beach at all left.


The sun rises were more relaxed.

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flyingfisher said...

Salt water spray! Beach! Waves pounding on rocks! Perfect. :-)

And, I might add, my kind of stuff to revel in.

Love the reflections in the mirrors allowing views of the interior.

Nanny Ogg said...

thanks, mardrey!

I knew you would be drawn to those pics :D

What a perfect vacation it was!