Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Images

Happy holidays to y'all! We had a wonderful Christmas here.


Many presents were being opened and enjoyed.


We had a roaring fire and good tea.
Dawn created an awesome gingerbread house. Unlike when I do it, hers didn't fall apart 10 times before it held together :D


We played board games. Has any one ever played the game '7 Wonders'? We went over to the neighbors at night and we all tried to play the game and let's just say that this clearly was a game for smart people and they must have invited the wrong family, since they got stuck with us...


My sister got us awesome homemade liquor!


Surrounded by so many people I love.


Usually the gingerbread house decorating is free for all, and let's just say that the results look ... interesting. This year Dawn was totally on top of things and there was cooperation and planning!


The result looks awesome!


Lasagna dinner before we went off to the neighbors to eat dessert and play that game. Lasagna is traditional American Xmas food, right? :D

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