Friday, November 15, 2013

Cleaned Out My Purse

Figured it would be amusing to list how much useless stuff there was in there

  • 20 or so pens
  • 5 AA batteries
  • 176 important papers (or at least they seemed important when I put them in)
  • a bunch of napkins
  • a kids winter hat
  • four Zyrtec tablets
  • 20 lbs of assorted coins
  • a cute, tiny acorn (WHY???!)
  • an election sticker from over a year ago
  • a comb
  • a 'USDA Organic' tattoo (??!)
  • programs of the last few yeas of theater performances in which my kids were involved
  • ticket stubs from these same performances
  • granola bar from who knows when which I broke up and fed to the chickens who were delighted with their treat
  • a plentitude of other assorted items including two plastic gadget like things that I have NO idea about so will be thrown out and THEN I will find out why I saved them.

Yeah, I think it was time to clean out that purse ^^
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