Thursday, November 14, 2013

Caching in the Dark

Today was a beautiful, even if somewhat cold day. I had to do a lot of driving in circles but decided that I should fit in some cache maintenance too. The only problem is that I hadn't seen this cache for years, so I wasn't sure where it was but as y'all know I am always confident I can just find the cache, no problem at all.

We arrived at parking lot, and the sun looked low. But how long could it take to hike to the cache? Nah, should be fine. Did I mention I am an eternal optimist?

We had a good time hiking even if our GPS reader (hi Sylvia!) might not have been paying enough attention to it so we added some detours to our quest.


I had forgotten how uphill this hike was. Both ways even! The good news was that we reached a cool overlook I vaguely remembered, but not what it actually did overlook. Today I found out it overlooked the river in such a way that we could see exactly where we were standing a few weeks ago, but now we saw it from the air.

Admiring the view and other shiny things did delay us though but we were so close to the cache, we would still go find it.

This is when I started remembering how fast it gets dark in the woods. And that I hadn't gotten into the habit yet of carrying flashlight at all times.

No, we didn't find the cache...

Not for lack of trying, but lack of day light might have had something to do with it. Now we'll have to go back another day!

Once we got out of the woods, the hike back was easy and I have to admit it kind of felt like old times to be caught in the dark at yet another geocache. Although usually it wouldn't be my own cache. And usually we would actually have found it!
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