Sunday, June 16, 2013

Great Weekend!

One of my friends came over. What a great time we had!


The kids had fun playing basketball.


And solving puzzles. The sun was shining so we all spent a lot of time outdoors.



The dog and the cat joined us, they are both very social. Well, the cat is as long as the dog doesn't get too close to her. She thinks the dog stinks and is ugly and isn't afraid to let him know that he is so stupid! I keep hoping she will get used to him, but no luck so far.


Of course all the hanging out made us quite hungry, so we had a wonderful feast at our dinner table. Every time we use it I feel grateful for my family, my friends, my house, our food, everything!


We finished dinner with cinnamon raisin bread and a water melon. The kids had fun seeing who could eat the most water melon.


In the end they managed to put away 98% of the watermelon and give me lots of good material for my compost pile.


We tried to sleep as little as possible to maximize our time together, and had pancakes for breakfast. I even had been organized enough to get local maple syrup at our farmer's market!


After breakfast it was time to leave, but we managed to have so much fun together that the memories will last, even if they had to leave too soon.


In the last minutes we even managed to get a picture of my friend and me!


Life is good!
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