Sunday, June 02, 2013

After The Storm

I love how crisp and clean everything looks after a good thunder storm. After dinner I went out to take some pictures.


This is our container cucumber plant which we got at the farmer's market yesterday. First time ever that I am trying to grow cucumbers in a container, so looking forward to see how that works out. I bet it is less likely to be eaten by our resident groundhog!

I still planted cucumbers in the garden too, because I am an optimist. Last year we had some kind of blight on all our squashy/cucumbery plants, so I am hoping that won't happen this year.


This is a rhododendron, right next to the front door. Beautiful flowers.


The container cucumber plant already has baby cucumbers which won't last long in our house. Yesterday when I went to the farmer's market with Sylvia and Dawn we bought some pickling cucumbers and already ate almost half of our stash before we made it to the car.


The rest of the week will have more reasonable temperatures, so I am looking forward to doing tons of gardening.
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