Thursday, April 18, 2013

Musical Family

I grew up playing the violin and I always hoped my kids would enjoy music as much as I do. I have been very blessed that indeed they do and we have a wide variety of musical talent and tons of enjoyment in our household. Everyone was eager to show off to oma.


Kate plays some guitar, some piano and is a percussionist in her school band.


Erik is a percussionist too, and in addition plays cello.


Jane is a great piano player and used to be a percussionist. She is a wonderful singer too.


Sylvia is learning how to play the violin.


Although she doesn't really like to practice. Dawn is learning it too, but she is way more willing to practice so progresses much faster. She plays piano too and loves to sing and to play guitar.


Actually all of them like singing and have great musical sense. My dream of a musical family definitely came true! Life is good!
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