Monday, October 29, 2012

The Quiet Before the Storm

Even although we are not in the direct path of Hurrican Sandy, we still are supposed to see a lot of wind and rain action here. And of course we are right next door to Vermont, where there is a lot of anxiety about this hurricane, especially since they are still slowly recovering from Irene 14 months ago.

This morning was't too bad yet, but the kids got out out of school early, and all after school activities were canceled. Yay for not driving in circles!


This morning when I took the dog out, I heard this sound like water rippling over the rocks. When I got close to the road it actually turned out to be the leaves being blown over each other, tumbling and tumbling and making watery sounds as they went. Many leaves were being blown down from the trees, but we haven't seen any significan rain yet.

Last night we were driving on the highway and the black clouds half hiding the full moon were amazing. It was like the moon being at the bottom of a pond, gentle waves above it. The moon alternated between its pond view and a more hidden position, but the light effects were stunning either way.

Everyone stay safe during this hurricane! I hope the impact will be a lot less than they are predicting, this is one case where I would love the weather forecast to be wrong.
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