Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall is Here

I love fall, I just don't love how it means that it will be winter soon. Last night we had our first frost, my poor dahlias got killed. Oh well, then I can dig them up and enjoy them again next year ^^


The foliage is beautiful, and I love the reflection in the water.


Life has been good but busy.


Two kids in theater, one kid in cheerleading, one kid dancing, two kids playing violin, one kid playing cello, two percussion kids and assorted singers. Oh, and let's not forget the art clubs and such.


Anyway, just wanted to share some foliage pictures.


Some day I will write more, dinner time first. Rice pilaf with homegrown broccoli! So happy I had a garden this year!


I hope to plant garlic before the soil freezes. Wish me luck to actually do it instead of just writing and dreaming about it :D

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mathmom said...

Beautiful photos!