Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two Vegetable Beds Mostly Ready


On Thursday I finished the second veggie bed and on Friday I got the first veggie plants to start filling it. There still are ornamental grasses in the background, but the garden definitely is taking shape.


I found this really old badminton birdy next to the garden, I wonder how many years it has been there. I don't remember having much if any badminton equipment over the last few years.


The blueberries are doing well, even if they desperately need to be weeded and mulched. I would have gardened today, but we had fun climbing a mountain instead.


Here is one of my helpers. He has been busy taking out sumac and thorny bushes from where they didn't belong.


Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can do more gardening, I have many flowers and veggies to plant. I can't wait!
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