Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gardening Bliss


It has been a rainy spring, so there were many days that I couldn't get outdoors to garden. But we have had a few sunny days over the weekend and today, so I have finally started to tackle long overdue gardening chores


For the last few years I haven't done as much gardening as usual, party thanks to the divorce and its aftermath, and partly because I expected to sell this house, and why put in a vegetable garden if someone else is going to eat the results anyway.


But I am back to gardening! Of course, it means that the yard has been mostly ignored (beyond lawn mowing) for a number of years, and let's just say that you can tell.


My vegetable garden had morphed into a 'display of native grasses' as someone cleverly had labeled it, and it turns out that these native grasses are very fond of the garden space and not at all willing to be evicted. I dug up one bed, and am working on the second one now.


I have quite some bulbs, but I realize that I want way more bulbs and spring time flowers, another project which had been put on hold thanks to the Great House Selling Quest. I am already mentally planning where I can put more bulbs in the fall.


Anybody knows what is a good time to transplant day lilies? I wonder whether it's too late in the spring to do it, or whether I can risk it. I guess they tend to be pretty indestructible, so I might just do it and hope for the best.
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