Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Pictures and Random Radon


Today finally was back to a few hours of spring like weather (ignoring the snow flurries in the morning, I am) so we went out geocaching.


Found exactly ONE cache, which isn't very impressive, but hey, it got us outdoors, which was nice.


I got a lot of bird pictures, I wish I was sure what they were. For now I am assuming they are greckles, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I wasn't totally sure.


Remember that I finally sold my house? Well... the radon test came back too high (5.1 instead of 4 pCi/L) in the basement. We offered radon mitigation, but the buyers didn't accept and decided to not buy the house after all.


So the house is back on the market. And we are back to frequent showings and having to have the house perfect. Gah.


I am sure it will sell, I just want it to sell yesterday! Patience isn't my strongest virtue.


I love the reflection of the bridge in the water in this picture.

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NannyOgg said...

test, ignore

flowtops said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about the house!!!

We had a realtor open house yesterday - only an old lady who lived here 50-odd years ago showed up. Still, nice to hear about the way things were back then. (I'm not so sure our house will ever sell. The Dutch market is terrible, and everyone seems in a hurry to leave the countryside and move to the big and ugly cities.)


PS I've moved our blog from Blogger to WordPress (

NannyOgg said...

Hi Nicki!

Will check out your new blog
Sorry that you are having such a hard time selling too! What a pain it is to sell houses in this economy!

Sending tons of house selling vibes your way!!!


Anonymous said...

The birds in your photos are actually European Starlings, I believe.