Friday, March 23, 2012

Backyard Bobcat

First we always thought it was a normal house cat. Until one day I noticed that something was 'off' and that the tail looked weird and that it was a very skittish cat. Didn't take long to google and find out we had a juvenile bobcat visiting our neighborhood!


Very cool, very impressive, but wouldn't it be wonderful to have photographic evidence of it? Well, it would be, but this feline was not very impressed with the idea of having his soul captured in our black box, so we spend many months seeing the bobcat when we didn't have the camera, only to have him disappear if we did go get it.


Dawn finally was successful in capturing him/her using our telelens.

So cool!
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Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this is a domestic cat with a docked or damaged tail. It's probably feral if you say it is skittish, but it is not a bobcat.