Saturday, October 08, 2011

That Time of the Year


This summer has been dominated by Trying To Sell The You Know What House and we had missed out on many things we usually do during the summer.


We ALMOST missed out on the traditional applepicking during the fall too, but today I decided that cleaning for tomorrow's showing could as well be done tomorrow morning. The weather was glorious and I refused to stay indoors. Time to go apple picking!


Many of our local orchards have hay rides, and this one was no exception. We were lucky and found a spot almost immediately after we arrived and had a nice leisurely ride through the orchard before we actually had to get out and do our OWN walking.


After we were done with the hay ride we met up with some friends, making the day even better.

The morning started out cold, but as often in New England, the fall day turned fabulous, sunny and quite hot.


We picked many many apples, no idea yet what I will make with all of them. I know Kate really wants to make an apple pie, so that will be at least one product originating from today's trip to the orchard.


In addition to apples, we also got pumpkins, because it won't be long before we will be visited by goblins and leprechauns for Halloween. Or was leprechauns another holiday?


Afterwards we went to our local coop and had a nice dinner at their cafe.


Yes, the decision to go apple picking instead of cleaning definitely was the right one!




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