Sunday, October 09, 2011

More Apple Picking Pictures


Today we have a showing, so I have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and did I mention cleaning? I am sooooooooooooo ready for someone to actually BUY my house!


Since I am pretty much on schedul showing wise, I allow myself a break to share more of yesterday's pictures. Today Jane and Kate spent quite some time to put all the apples in bowls which we have distributed over kitchen and other rooms, so that we don't have a boring brown paper bags full of apples messing up our 'perfect' living room.









After all the hard work we had apple cider. The kids chose cold, I chose hot. Makes me want to make hot cider at home, but that would mean messing up my kitchen! Can you tell I am DONE DONE DONE with the showings? Even if I am grateful that people want to look, I still would very much appreciate someone actually BUYING the house.


I loved how big and fluffy this cat was.

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flowtops said...

Ha! You have showings, we only have a listing.

(Nobody is showing anybody houses around our part of the Netherlands these days, unless it's a cheap and dilapedated council house previously inhabited by an elderly person. That'll sell even without showing. Tough times!)

Never been to New England, but every time I see fall coming along in your corner, I get a bit homesick.


NannyOgg said...

Hi Nicki!

Wow, I have a hard time imagining buying a house without ever seeing it.

Fall is awesome here! Come and visit some day! Of course, if you like snow you can come in the winter too :D

Just did a quick catchup on your blog (didn't read much blogs this summer either) and sorry to hear about the loss of your cat :(

OK, back to cleaning :D

There is supposed to be an offer today but it's 'low' so who knows what that means.