Friday, March 12, 2010

Giant Left!

After 16 months of being a part of our household, Giant left us to the Guiding Eyes for the Blind Training Center.


It was a loooooooong drive, and there was much snow in New York, but luckily almost no snow during the drive.


Even although we knew this moment would come, it was still hard to say goodbye to him. He really enriched our family as I hope our family enriched his raising. At least he will not freak out about kids when he works.


He got tested during a so-called In For Training (IFT) test. We had no idea how he would do. I was comparing dropping him off at the school to dropping off a kid at college, worrying whether he would focus on studying or whether he would get distracted by parties and girls.

Luckily we got the good news that he passed his IFT, and not only that, but that he is being evaluated for breeding. This means that exceptional qualities were identified and Giant will stay at the CDC Breeding kennel for medical screening and further temperament evaluations. We are proud of him! Of course, if he does get chosen for breeding, he will not only be distracted by girls but be able to take them out for all kinds of interesting activities!


Yesterday we got a post card from him, telling us that he was having lots of fun at the training center. Here is a link to February's graduating class, to show why it is so important to raise puppies to become guide dogs, even if it is hard to give them up when they are teenagers.
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Wendy said...

Oh my goodness, this made me a little teary-eyed! I know you guys will miss him dearly, but knowing how much better you've helped make someone else's life is just amazing!

harri saptadi said...

gooood. now it's time for a couple of poeskats....

Rebecca said...

Awww, I can't imagine how difficult that would be.

Mongoose said...

Wow. Good for him!

Anonymous said...