Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer and Life and House Hunting

I would like to say summer is here, but the rain keeps interfering. Not that I care, I will take anything that isn't snow. We are spending a lot of time outdoors, my garden is being ignored as usual, my lawn resembles a jungle, and we have many camps for many kids, requiring much driving and logistics.


We are doing a lot of geocaching and baking and swimming. Cees still works at McDonalds, and Dawn works at an organic farm in Vermont. Jane is doing an aquatic explorations camp at our local science museum. The older boys will be doing a college learning strategy course at Dartmouth. Kate, Erik and Sylvia have daily swimming lessons. There is theater and soccer and other camps waiting for us over the next few weeks. I will go out kayaking a few times. So much to do, so little time!


And my divorce is finally OVER and I can talk about it and talk about looking for a new house. I didn't want to blog about the decision and the process. The summary is that it was a hard decision, but definitely the right one for us. The actual process took almost 1.5 years, which is way too long, but that's the way things are. Now I am happily single, and looking forward to house hunting and moving to a place where we can have chickens. Well, actually, I am not looking forward to the actual move (just wait and see how many times I will say 'I HATE moving!) , but I can't wait to settle in a new house and make it perfect for us.

I am happy to share more details in private email, my addy is in the sidebar.


Anyway, this is why I am so happy with my new table for my new house. It is very symbolic. Not only do we have the new table, but friends cleaned out our play room and moved the table in there and now the dining room is a dining room! Tonight, I had a great dinner with five girls (four of mine and a friend) and we talked much girly talk all around the table and life is good ^^


Tomorrow, I will get many things done and might even work in the garden. Or not. We'll see ^^
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Annelies said...

Hemeltje, Karen.. dat vertel je zo ff tussen neus en lippen door?
Hou je taai. Scheiden is een vermoeiend proces... been there, seen it all...

NannyOgg said...

Dank je, Annelies.

Well, het is al een hele tijd bezig, en ik wilde niet op mijn publieke blog het hele verhaal vertellen. Ik zou het wel leuk vinden om in prive email meer te schrijven.


Annelies said...

Je bent van harte welkom hoor. Je hebt mijn email-adres toch?

Mongoose said...

Finally I got this far in my catching up. Congratulations and good luck on the house hunting. Feel free to message me the details on Facebook... Whatever you want to share. I had a really easy divorce myself but I didn't have seven kids though.

Rebecca said...

Sorry- or happy?- to hear about your divorce. Can't imagine goint thru that w/ 7 kids, hopefully you will be well taken care of.