Friday, May 29, 2009

Puppy Class

Twice a month we drive one and an half hours to our 'puppy classes' to help Giant to get ready to become a guidedog. There are interesting aspects to guidedog training, I am learning just as much as the dog does.


'Yes, your dog can sit, but can your dog sit on different footing? Can he sit on wooden slats, can he sit on bubble wrap? Can he sit with many distractions?'


There is time to play too. Twice during class the dogs have running around and PLAY time. The trick is to have more toys than dogs, and even then, there often are more dogs attached to one favorite toy.


Yes, at the moment we have only black puppies in class, which makes it sometimes hard to recognize who is who during play time. Maybe some day we'll take the wrong dog home...

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Mongoose said...

Yeah, I was gonna say, that's an awful lot of black dogs!

My dog can sit but she doesn't understand "sit" as in the word I'm saying. She just gets it from context or by trial and error. So now I'm teaching her a hand signal for sit.

NannyOgg said...
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NannyOgg said...

Yeah, Giant can do hand signals too. He is supposed to sit with either word / hand signal or both. I usually do both, I should practice more with only one of them. I just have trained myself too much to use the both ^^


S'te said...

That's so cool that you are training a guide dog. Can't wait to see how the training progresses

Anonymous said...

wow 5 giants! what a clever squirrel!