Monday, June 25, 2007


We went strawberry picking.

There was an amazing number of strawberries to be picked, they were everywhere.

The weather was perfect. It rained on the way there. It rained afterwards, but we were picking in wonderfully sunny weather.

Nice to be outside on a sunny day.

I was happily surprised with the many rows ready to pick, there was no trouble finding strawberries at all.

I ended up with a few more than I had planned on, but they got eaten pretty fast anyway. The girls made freezer jam out of a bunch of them, it can be eaten tomorrow. They were very excited about that.

Maybe we'll go another time this week, depends on how organized I am :p Tonight, Kate and Erik both aren't feeling well, so I guess it also depends on how fast they recover. Today, we went to swimming pool for first time, which was fun and nice place to be on 31 C day.

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