Monday, December 06, 2004

SIX Months!!!

She is SIX months old now! How did that happen???? It's amazing how fast that half year went past, and also how much she has learned in those six months. She is crawling, babbling, cooing, grabbing everything within reach, picking up too many tiny fuzzies, and just a delight to be with.

She had a checkup today, weighs 16lbs 11oz now, doubled her birth weight. She was declared healthy. Kept trying to crawl off the table though :-)

We almost finished the long and involved multi cache, but we ran out of daylight. It's amazing how short the days have become! Can't wait for the solstice!

Yesterday, we celebrated Sinterklaas, yes, we did hide a cache to add to the Sinterklaas fun :-) Kids ended up with lots of fun new toys, including a block set to make a Roman arch. They have been having fun with that today, it's so neat.

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