Thursday, December 09, 2004


I was going to post some pictures today, but life got in the way. So just a short summary of what happened, before I am off to put the little ones to bed. I am totally overwhelmed right now, but also very very happy to have such a wonderful family. Sylvia is reveling in her crawling abilities, she is just so cute!

  • We were First To Find on a new cache.
  • Did some grocery shopping
  • Had three mormons over! They just showed up, at least they helped to carry in the groceries. And no, I am still not converted, although I now know even more about the mormon religion. I never knew they baptized unrelated people who are dead, I thought they only baptized their family after death.
  • Rescued Sylvia form underneath the desk
  • Had a friend's toddler over, who puked over the couch
  • Made split pea soup
  • Rescued Sylvia from underneath a chair
  • Baked three loaves of bread
  • Rescued Sylvia from underneath the couch
  • Did lots of other small things
  • Did not do 320 things that should have happened, but just didn't get done
  • Just feel totally overwhelmed and as if I accomplished nothing, even although I was busy the whole day
  • Wished Sylvia would be able to put herself in reverse LOL and rescued her yet again when she was stuck
  • Played go on an on line go server and lost! Waaah! ;-)
  • Fished soggy paper out of Sylvia's mouth

So, a full day, but not much got done. Oh well, at least we were First To Find. And I'll post pictures soon, really!

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