Saturday, November 06, 2004


Yesterday, my oldest son turned thirteen years old. He entered his long awaited teenage years, and so we entered our first day of parenting a teenager. Will be doing that for at least the next eighteen years, wow!

He had been counting the months at first, then the days, and in the end was down to counting the hours. And where he usually has a hard time getting up, he now suddenly was able to get up before 6 am. Yawn! Now he is counting how many years till he will be allowed to drive a car, yikes!

He had a wonderful day, lots of fun presents, and tons of playing his new Nintendo game (Super Mario Sunshine). His siblings are suitable impressed by him being a teenager now. Tara has explained to him about wet dreams, to his utter embarrassment LOL.

Birthday time!

Went geocaching again today, lots of fun, even made progress on a challenging multi cache we are working on. We happened upon this amazing floating bridge, or maybe submerged bridge is a better description. Yes, we did drive over it, what a weird experience!

floating bridge

I am still wondering why they built a floating bridge here as opposed to a 'normal' one. One reason I came up with is that a floating bridge is cheaper than a conventional bridge, especially when there is soft ground, a long distance to span, or deep waters. This bridge is about 300 feet long, so not a very long distance, but I guess enough to warrant a floating bridge.

floating bridge

We also wondered whether the wood wouldn't rot being submerged in the water like this, and then thought that maybe it would rot less totally submerged than if it was getting wet and dry alternately. Amazing bridge!

On the way home, we saw two deer grazing next to the interstate. They must have known Sylvia would pass and wanted to say hi to her :-)

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