Monday, November 01, 2004

tired dragon

Long Trip, No Cache

Today we had a quiet homeschool group meeting, most people chose to stay home because they were too tired after all the Halloween happenings. Geez, some people just don't have any stamina! So we had a meeting with just a few families, still lots of fun though. And one of my friends actually vacuumed the floors, and cleaned my kitchen! Gotta love friends like that! I told her she could come over any time :-)

After the homeschool meeting, we decided to do yet another cache, somewhere in Vermont. The drive up there took longer than expected, the dark came sooner than anticipated and the road was even more of a dirt road than our usual caches. It went up really steep, was very narrow, and seemed to be covered with gravel. This was still 1.5 miles from the cache, otherwise I would just have gotten out and hiked. We still could have done that if it had been during the day, but it was getting too dark already, and I didn't want to actually start out a cache in the dark.

I have to admit that I for sure would have done it if it just had been me and the older kids, but with the little ones around, I just couldn't do it. Jane was starting to say already that she wished we were home and in bed, when she saw the dark rapidly approaching. So after driving to this cache for more than an hour, we turned around and went home.... Boohoo!!! We could have been first to find too!

So we turned around and drove back home. More than two hours in the car, and nothing to show for it. Not even a 'Did Not Find'. On the other hand, it gave the kids a lot of time to eat the Halloween candy that they had brought. That's a good thing, right? And we saw a lot of Vermont.At least on the way to the cache, the way back was just black.

Finally posting some quilt pics.

quilt squares
How Tim laid out the quilt squares

the quilt
Only five days later, the finished product!!!

Halloween Costumes

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