Friday, November 27, 1998

Our Thanksgiving

We had a different Thanksgiving this year. Usually we have a nice dinner as a family with a big turkey (and lots of leftovers, since the kids won't touch the turkey or any of the other food :-) But this time we decided it was more important to get some things done in our new house, instead of watching a turkey bake in the oven.

So I did some grocery shopping this morning and in the afternoon we went over to our new house and did some more painting. The former owners had a huge dog and it destroyed a lot of the lower part of the house, including gnawing some door posts. The paint looks horrible. But, the good thing is, that with a layer of Fresh Start and a layer of paint, it looks so incredibly better! And we got the house for a real good price because of the condition it was in, and I kind of like painting. So today we tackled the hallway and it looks so much nicer already! Tomorrow maybe the dining room and the top of Tims room. We'll see how far we get.

Then we went back to our rental and had an easy dinner with chicken instead of turkey. The girls had fallen asleep in the car, so after the boys were upstairs, it was really quiet. Until the girls woke up again and Jane spent the rest of the night running around (she is still awake at 12:45am) and Tara did fall asleep again, but only after I laid down with her for almost 2 hours.

A different Thanksgiving, but it still feels good to us. It is a nice feeling to work in our own home and get it ready for moving into it!

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