Monday, August 17, 1998

Watching Television or the Joys of Teletubbies

Our kids all together, watching television. A rare picture! Most of the time only a few will be watching, and they might be fighting each other for the best viewing spot.

2018 hindsight: I have been enjoying reliving the past by checking out and updating my old blog posts. I remember our time in the Netherlands as a good time, being able to share my Dutch heritage with the kids, even if they don't remember much of it now. Cees and Tim went to a Dutch school, so that gave them a good language boost.

The television program I remember most is the Teletubbies, it was so ridiculous to me as an adult but so captivating to the children. And I can justify the television watching as reinforcing their Dutch language learning so they became more bilingual. I wish I had been speaking more Dutch to them when we moved to the States, it is so easy to slide into English. But all of them can understand Dutch and produce some, so not all has been lost :)

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