Tuesday, July 21, 1998

Jane Turns One Year Old!

Jane is a very good walker now and insists on walking everywhere instead of being carried. She tries very hard to do the same as the rest of her siblings. She understands almost everything that is being said to here. Just like her big sister Tara, she uses lots of baby signs to communicate. I really love using sign language for babies.  She has a high cuteness factor and a huge degree of persistence and determination to get what she wants.

'I love opening presents!' Tara was happy to help her in this task.

'That looks interesting'. Even although she was born in the USA, she celebrated her first birthday in the Netherlands (Edam) with a Dutch birthday cake.

'I wonder what it tastes like'. She had no problems diving right in!

'Pretty good! I can't complain!' Glad she enjoyed the celebration!

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