Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Awesome Mother's Day!

My kids so totally rock! They gave me the best mother's day ever!


Jane cleaned the cat's litterbox, Kate made pancakes.


They all pitched in together for chocolate and


One of those cool Galileo thermometers!


Sylvia made 'flowers' at school and Dawn made me a bouquet of flowers from the yard.


Erik made me a wooden knife, very cool.


And Sylvia had a ring printed on a 3D printer! a ring stating '#1 mom' that must be me, right? ^^


It was low key but perfect mother's day, lots of love, good food, and the most awesome kids EVUH!


I felt very pampered, I love all my kids! Thank you Cees, Tim, Dawn, Jane, Qate, Erik and Sylvia for a wonderful day!


Happy belated mother's day to all other mothers out there!

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