Thursday, January 31, 2013

It Was So Cold...

Last week we went through a deep cold spell. Cold enough to freeze bubbles almost the moment they got created.


Now we are in the 40s with rain and wind.


Crazy New England weather!

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Mongoose said...

Holy crap!!!!! How did you make the bubbles? I live way further north than you and I've never seen frozen bubbles.

NannyOgg said...

We just used cheap bubble stuff like you can buy in any big department store. I think the temperature has to be around or less than zero Fahrenheit, although I haven't really done much experimenting to confirm that.

I heard about this a bunch of years ago and we tried it with the kids and I remembered it was pretty cool. Hadn't done it for a long time, but the kids found bubble stuff in the basement, it was freezing cold outside (like -10 F) so I told them and we had fun.

I am sure you can do it up there too, it is mostly that most people don't ever consider blowing bubbles when it is that cold outside.


mathmom said...

That's incredibly awesome :)