Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sylvia Update

Sylvia is slowly but surely healing from her skull fracture and concussion. She still has head aches but they are getting less frequent. She does tire very easily though and her behavior detoriates when she is tired so that is sometimes challenging.


Her hearing is continuing to be a concern. She fractured her temporal bone and I am not sure whether the hearing loss in her left ear is related to that or whether it could be nerve damage.


She had an extensive audiology exam where she tested quite depressed for hearing in BOTH her ears. This was surprising at first but luckily it was explained by having normal fluid behind her ear drum. This was most likely related to a recent cold. Yet another flat tympanogram as I have often seen in my other kids. They did secondary round of testing to circumvent her ear drum. This showed good hearing in her right ear but hearing loss in her left ear still.


She will have to go back for a follow up appointment in a few weeks and I am hoping that the left ear hearing loss will have decreased by then.

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