Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Just Do It

My life is not boring and I never run out of things to do. We all know that when we are busy, it is the best time to add new commitments. Right? A few years ago I decided that I wanted to make meditation a part of my daily life. Shouldn't be hard, should it? How hard can it be to just sit still for a limited period of time?


It has been a journey with ups and downs. It is amazingly easy to play the 'No time to meditate' card. Until I thought more about it and realized that that wasn't the right answer at all. Mind you, I was still playing the time card, but I was vaguely aware of the silliness of that excuse.


Many things happened, many little nudges about meditation came my way. I realized that I could just be mindful and focus on my breathing any time of the day, I didn't need to actually have an official time to do it. Which meant it was easy yet again to blame my busy life for lack of formal meditation.


I turned to my friends and asked their advice. There must be a magic secret for sure, something that they knew and I didn't. How did the meditators manage to fit it in their life? Their answer was a simple 'Just do it.' I see.

So much for magic mushrooms and interesting incense. So much for elaborate rituals increasing the number of hours in the day. And what about dancing around the fire during the full moon? There really wasn't a secret? Just do it, eh?


I am happy to report that there are days that I actually just do it and it works! I could kick myself for the many days that I don't just do it, but instead I am celebrating my achievement on the days that I do.

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Flowtops said...

Good for you! I started to get up earlier than the rest of the family, to have the benefit of a head filled with nothing (besides remnants of dreams) for half an hour a day. It's worth the sacrifice.