Saturday, November 07, 2009

Halloween, Pumpkins, Life

All the pumpkins turned out well.


Look at our beautiful newly painted porch with Halloween decorations! If I ever get this house on the market, it would sell so well!


Halloween was WET. Did I mention it was RAINING? A lot! I would show you many costume pictures, but things were scattered this year and I ended up going geocaching while all the kids were with friends or with their dad.


Even better, I went geocaching far away enough that it didn't rain the whole darned time and we even got to see the moon, unlike Erik who needed the moon for his moon journal.


Life has been good, but way interesting and there are many posts in my head, let's see whether I can get them posted on my blog. The thrilling news is that today I FINALLY filed my taxes after filing for an extension on April 15th. It is a long story, it involved lotsalife, but it has a happy ending and shows that even baby steps will eventually have big results.
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Lisa said...

Well, I'm for a happy ending.

Jody said...

That house is lookin' good. you may get it all fixed up and not want to sell it!

Can I have Sylvia? Mia really wants a sister and Sylvia is adorableness defined.